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Friday, August 19, 2005

Does England Really Need 4 Great Midfielders

Watching the England v Denmark game, it struck me that part of the reason we fared so poorly was the fact that our midfield was made up of four great players not four ideal players for those positions. Essentially, England played three central midfielders and, um, Joe Cole...who is, well...just what position does Joe Cole really play in !?

If we persist with the notion that Lampard, Gerrard and Beckham can play in the same midfield, then it is kind of inevitable we are going to take a pasting from sides that actually put out a team. Surely, Sven et al can see that it is a better bet to play very good players in their natural position rather than great players out of position.

Frankly, the England team should be above pandering to egos and should be about constructing a winning team. If Denmark - with a population of all of 5 million - can construct a healthy midfield with width (Rommedahl, etc.), strength (Gravesen) and ability, it can't be beyond England to do the same.

I find myself in the bizarre position of agreeing with David Platt's comments on SkySports which isn't something that happens every day !

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