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Saturday, January 14, 2006

I Want My Bavarian Folk Dancers

Oh, this is too funny. In classic European style, FIFA have managed to cancel the opening ceremony of the 2006 World Cup claiming, as reported in The Guardian and elsewhere that "It has become clear there would be considerable risks involved, not only in dismantling the stages and the event's technical installations, but also in laying a new pitch, which has to be in perfect playing condition by June 12."

Really ? So it was cancelled because of the danger to the pitch of the Berlin stadium ? Far be it from me to indulge in racial stereotyping, but the Germans are a pretty well-organised, efficient bunch and I don't believe for a minute that they hadn't taken this into consideration and prepared for it before now.

What's that you say. Tickets for the opening ceremony cost up to €750 ? Too expensive, you say ? Ah, well, that might explain it then.

Even the idea of
moving the event from Berlin to Munich has now been dismissed, suggesting that the cost was indeed the real reason for the cancellation. So, no Bavarian folk dancers for me or any of the other fans attending the World Cup. Such a shame.

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