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Monday, February 13, 2006

How To Pick An England Manager

Like many people, I've been enjoying the FA's amazing ability to complicate a very straightfoward task : that is - picking the next England manager. Maybe they would like to print out this simple three step guide, which I have cleverly entitled 'How To Pick An England Manager' :

i) Identify the right man for the job.

ii) Speak to the right man for the job and offer him millions of pounds. [Finding out if he is available is not an issue - once you have offered him millions of pounds, he automatically becomes available. It's magic, you know.]

iii) Get the right man for the job to sign the contract.

There you bright and shiny new England manager.

"Ah ha ", I can almost hear the faceless ones at the FA saying, "how do we know who is the right man for the job ? ".

To this I can only answer - whoever you pick is by definition the right man for the job. This must be true because I have never seen the FA put out a press statement saying "we couldn't get the right man for the job so we hired someone else instead".

See how simple it is. No, no, it's OK, no need to thank me.

posted by mark_s at 12:48 PM


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