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Sunday, May 28, 2006

Pity The Poor Saudis

If you have ever spent any time in expensive London hotels, then you'll have seen many Saudi businessmen going about their, um, business. They're often the guys in the bar drinking the 25 year old single Malt, enjoying £400 per hour 'companions' and smoking Cohibas the size of my head.

Now, I'm sure that this is just a minority of Saudi Arabians and most are very devout, but it is with a great deal of sympathy that I
read in today's Sunday Times that staff at the hotel the Saudi World Cup squad are staying in "....had trawled through each room, clearing alcohol from the minibars, blocking any adult entertainment normally available on the TV channels and even removing some pictures in the fitness area that showed naked flesh..."

Bad luck, guys.

posted by mark_s at 4:29 PM


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