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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Non Story of the Week

I've never been sure what qualifications you need to be a football journalist, but it never ceases to amaze me how newspapers and Sky Sports deliberately paraphrase what a manager or a player has said in order to create a story.

Non story of the week, therefore, is the Jose Mourinho interview in TimeOut where he said this :

"With six years of loving London and England I will have something of England and the people in my heart and so I could do it (the England manager's job) in a professional way and also with my heart."

This quickly became Mourinho wants to become a British citizen and manage England, leading to denials from his spokesman in all the papers today.

The reality of the story is : Mourinho thinks he's capable of managing England but actually believes the job should be in the hands of an Englishman. Not really newsworthy, that, though, is it ?

Surely there's enough football news every day that Sky Sports and the newspapers don't have to resort to this kind of non event ? Or am I just being naive ?

posted by mark_s at 6:37 PM


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