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Thursday, February 16, 2006

Brazil Friendlies Point The Way

Brazil have lined up a few friendlies ahead of the World Cup. And it's good to see they are taking the same approach as England and a few other nations when choosing opponents. They will be playing New Zealand directly before the tournament starts on the grounds that "It's a team with similar characteristics to Australia, our adversary in the second match of Group F."

Well, they have similar accents and are next door geographically. Beyond that, there's virtually no similarity between Australia and New Zealand's soccer teams. Australia's is quite good and has some well regarded players. New Zealand''t't.

More interesting though is the game vs Russia on March 1st. One of the things that has been puzzling football pundits and punters alike is how Coach Carlos Alberto Parreira is going to fit Adriano, Ronaldo, Ronaldinho and Robinho into the same side.

Given that
Parreira has said "It’s not time for experiments. We’ll field the team we’ve been using..'' this match may just give the answer to that question. My guess : Adriano starts upfront, Ronaldo is used as a sub.

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