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Sunday, May 14, 2006

Is Sven Having A Laugh

OK, so Sven - famed in the English press as an extremely cautious coach - has picked two players who have never played international football before (one of whom has never even played in the Premiership), left out the league's top English goalscorer altogether and is relying on a man with a broken foot to win us the World Cup.

He's not known for his sense of humour, but my best guess is that Sven is having a laugh. What other explanation can there be in picking a kid (Theo Walcott) who has never been anywhere near the Arsenal first team ? Not only has this guy never played in the Arsenal first team, he wasn't even considered good enough for the Southampton first team until all their best players left.

And it gets better....rather than selecting a fifth striker for the squad (Defoe would have been my personal choice) to compensate for current injuries, he adds Owen (not even English) Hargreaves to midfield instead.

And, to complete the surrealism, his standby list features one Andy Johnson of Crystal Palace who got 15 goals in The Championship in favour of Darren Bent who got 18 in The Premier League ?

Those Swedes sure have got a strange sense of humour, haven't they ?

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