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Thursday, May 04, 2006

More World Cup Sponsors Madness

Now that World Cup fever is in full swing, all the usual 'sponsors' are out there filling up valuable television time with their embarrassing football themed ads.

Most shocking of all is Budweiser...the 'Official Beer of the 2006 World Cup' ! I kid you not. For those lucky enough not to have seen the adverts, they play upon Americans supposed ignorance of soccer and have the tagline "you do the football...we'll do the beer". Considering that their product (I am loathe to describe it as 'beer') is infamous for it's bland watered-down mass produced taste, I would like to suggest that "we do the football...and we'll do the beer, too".

A fizzy, tasteless American lager as 'Official Beer of the 2006 World Cup Finals' in Germany - home of many of the world's finest beers - is just beyond words. And to promote it that way to the Brits - home of the world's finest beers that aren't from Germany - just makes me want to weep. If there was a World Cup for beer, Budweiser would be San Marino.

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