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Friday, June 09, 2006

Germany 4 - Costa Rica: 2 And No Defence On Either Side

Well, as opening World Cup matches go, that was a gem. 6 goals, lots of attacking football and, well, no defending at all. What more could you want ?

Going forward, the combination of Borowski (in place of the injured-or not- Ballack), Schweinsteiger, Klose and Podolski was impressive - quick, accurate passing and a complete lack of fear.

At the back...well, admittedly Paulo Wanchope is a class act and pretty much the only top level striker in the group. But if Germany play like that against any quality team, they will lose. They were woeful defensively.

It was funny to see Oliver Kahn sitting on the bench looking smugly amused after Wanchope's second goal went in, though.

posted by mark_s at 7:16 PM


Blogger Amy Heidi said...

No defence on either side, but you gotta admit that Costa Rica has a better defence than Germany, despite the number of goals Germany managed to get. With that agressive offence, Germany could have had more goals than that. Kahn has a right to be smug, his substitute was terrible, and so cocksure of his abilities (or lack thereof). Well, that's just my two cents.

7:30 PM  
Blogger mark_s said...

Hmm...not sure I agree that Costa Rica's defence was better. They were both terrible, but the Costa Rican goalkeeper was pretty good.

As for Jens Lehmann, well...he had a good season for Arsenal this year, but he is a dodgy keeper, for sure.

9:04 PM  

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