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Monday, June 12, 2006

Y' See Sven...If You Use Tactics, You Get Results

In complete contrast to England's turgid 1-0 victory over Paraguay, Australia's 3-1 win over Japan today showed just how much of a positive difference good tactical changes can make to a game.

Sven - in England's match - took Owen off because, he said, "we weren't keeping the ball well enough", put on Downing and Hargreaves (neither of whom could keep the ball) and turned a fairly good England performance into a travesty.

By contrast, Gus Hiddinck - seeing his Australia side 1-0 down and outplayed by the skillful Japanese - put on Tim Cahill to add another attacking dimension to the side, changed things around a little and introduced two new strikers, including ex-Coventry man John Aloisi. The result: Australia won 3 -1. The scorers ? Cahill and Aloisi.

That's what top class management is. Having something in reserve and knowing when and how to use it. I hope Mr Eriksson was paying attention.

posted by mark_s at 6:10 PM


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