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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Oops...I Spoke To Soon

Well, after an impressive performance against Brazil and an even more impressive performance against Italy, Egypt somehow contrived to get knocked out of the Confederations Cup by being soundly beaten by USA.

Worst still, some of the team were apparently robbed after celebrating that 1-0 win over Italy. Robbed, you say? By who?

Well, if South Africa paper Sunday World is to be believed, they were robbed by 5 hookers some of the team had decided to pick up.

In a story, rather unimaginatively titled 'Prostitutes 5, Players 0' (surely they could have come up with something better than that? ', an unnamed police officer is quoted as saying:

“We have confirmed that some of the players brought prostitutes, whom they picked up on Oxford Road [in Rosebank], to their hotel rooms and we have strong suspicions that they were cleaned out by those ladies of the night.”

Oops. Egyptian FA officials are, equally unsurprisingly, denying everything and demanding that everyone and their wife apologise.

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posted by mark_s at 5:59 PM


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Today, the paper wrote that they goofed "We therefore apologise to the Egyptian team "

5:06 AM  

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