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Friday, June 05, 2009

This Is How Not To Spin A Story

Have you heard about the 'bust-up' between England and former club teammates Gareth Barry and Gary Cahill yet?

No? I'm not surprised. Because despite headlines in the Sun, Mirror and, yes, The Guardian newspapers, this is a prime example of how NOT to spin a story.

What happened is this: Cahill tackled Barry in a practice match. He didn't help Barry back to his feet. Barry got up. Both players walked away.

Not really much of a bust-up there and so, unsurprisingly, the links to the Sun and Mirror story seem to be broken. Presumably they realised that there was quite literally no story at all.

But those dear people at the Guardian still have it.

Notable quote : "...Barry, clearly incensed, eventually returned to his feet and subsequently ignored Cahill."

Wow. Barry ignored him. Brutal. What a confrontation that must have been. Or maybe not.

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