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Tuesday, June 02, 2009

You've Got To Admire This..Buy This Flat

With South Africa 2010 fast approaching and endless, tiresome commercial tie-ups being announced, you just have to love the fact that smart South Africans are getting in on the act.

Take this ad on Gumtree that presents itself, shamelessly, as a South Africa Investment Opportunity World Cup 2010 .

Essentially, it's a fairly plain looking 2 bedroom flat in Cape Town that is 4 or so miles from the Greenpoint Stadium. The owner wants around £60,000 for it.

I haven't checked apartment prices in Cape Town for a comparison but frankly, just the fact that the owner is trying to sell it as an 'investment opportunity' for the World Cup Finals is good enough for me.

There's no way of recouping anywhere near the initial outlay over the period of the 2010 tournament, but whoever owns this property deserves to sell it...just for the sheer nerve of it all.

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