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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Will You Please Welcome....This Week's Idiots

Ah, what joy. Today, we can highlight a couple of instances of idiocy at a level that, frankly, beggars belief.

Firstly, CAF have chosen to ban Togo from the next two African Cup of Nations tournaments for, presumably, disrespecting the competition by having some of their players shot and staff killed. How dare Togo withdraw from a competition for such a trivial reason as coming under terrorist attack.

Secondly, John Terry, England captain. Really, I could just follow the tiresome tabloid moral high ground approach about morality, but I think sleeping with your friend and team-mate's girlfriend speaks for itself. The word 'scumbag' springs to mind.

Nevertheless, this isn't necessarily a reason to strip Terry of the England captaincy. However, the lack of respect from the rest of squad, the fact that the man can't be trusted, the sheer arrogance of the guy - these are reasons for Fabio Capello to find a new captain.

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