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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Highlights So Far

Did anyone else see North Korea's press conference on Monday? For me this has been the highlight of the World Cup so far because, Germany aside, the standard of the matches has been dismal.

It started with a question from a journalist about North Korea.

The response from coach Kim Jong-hun? :

"There's no such country named North Korea.’ Next question."

And it got better. When questioned about naming a striker as the third goalkeeper, Kim Jong-hun tried to claim that the player - Kim Myong-Won - had originally been a goalkeeper and that he decided that he wanted to be a goalkeeper again just before the World Cup Finals.

However, a Guardian journalist who saw them train confirmed that only two players were wearing the goalkeeper's jerseys, while Myong-Won was wearing the same strip as the rest of the outfield players.

I wonder what the 'fearless leader' would have made of that.

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