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Sunday, August 21, 2005

2006 World Cup Groups to be Decided By Drawing Lots

Changes in the way teams level on points in World Cup groups are ranked mean that the likelihood of a side missing out by the drawing of lots is much increased.

In this article on the fabulous
Rec.Sport.Soccer Statistics Foundation
website, it explains the difference between previous World Cup tournaments and the forthcoming competition in Germany and makes it clear that it is more likely that teams will qualify simply through the drawing of lots.

They are making this out to be a bad thing. My own perverse sense of humour and better than average understanding of the related concepts of 'chance' and statistics means that I rather like the idea of a side like Israel, for example, qualifying for the next round at the expense of a team like the Czech Republic who are - by all objective criteria - a clearly superior side.

More luck, less judgement. That's the way to run the world's biggest team sports competition. Hooray for FIFA.

posted by mark_s at 8:39 PM


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