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Friday, September 23, 2005

Can't Get Tickets...Get Screwed

If you arrive in Germany in time for the World Cup Finals next year but don't have a ticket, then you might think you're screwed. Well, now you can literally be screwed because some bright spark is opening a fresh, shiny new brothel right next to the Olympic Stadium.

Despite all the publicity, one of the owners is claiming that "... the brothel was NOT built to take advantage of the crowds flooding Germany for next year's World Cup...". Um, well, building it next to one of the main stadia in the country and then courting a lot of press from the football media suggests otherwise, but we'll give Norman Jacob - the proprietor - the benefit of the doubt.

This rather extravagant facility not only has room for 650 men and 100 women at any one time but also a sauna, a movie theatre and, of course, the obligatory swimming pool. So if the World Cup football gets too much, one can always relax in the soon-to-be-world-famous Artemis Brothel. Best of luck to all who choose to avail themselves of the facilities.

The alternative, of course is to actually try to buy tickets for the World Cup, thereby ensuring you have absolutely no money for such debauchery.

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