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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Final World Cup Qualifiers To Be Played Simultaneously

In a rare display of common sense, FIFA has decided that the final qualifying matches for the African groups should be played at the same time.

Considering the amount of rumour and counter-rumour,
conspiracies and accusations of bribery that have surrounded these all important matches, this is, of course, a wise and sensible decision on the surface.

However, the real question is this : why do teams have to make a special request to FIFA in order that these matches be scheduled in this way ? Surely, all this craziness could be avoided if it was a standard FIFA rule that all final World Cup qualifiers (where the fixtures have a bearing on who qualifies) were played at the same time.

Why the need to make a request. It just creates ill-feeling, adds another layer of bureaucracy and pointless speculation to a game that already has more than it's fair share of all three.

posted by mark_s at 6:52 PM


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