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Monday, October 10, 2005

And 92% of the tickets go to...where ?

The Daily Telegraph has pointed out that only 8% of tickets for matches involving England will be made available to the FA. This, in practice, means that only 4,000 tickets for each football match. Whilst people selling tickets on the black market are sure to be overjoyed by this news, I some how doubt this was the intention.

So, where are the other 92% of World Tickets going. Well, it seems that many are going to the media (fair enough) and VIPs. The Telegraph says this :

"...The Westfalen Stadium, which has a capacity of 66,981 for matches involving Dortmund, will be able to seat only 50,276 fans for the World Cup... "

Ah, I get it. England fans get 5,300 tickets approximately while VIPs/the media get over 15,000. That's certain to create a great atsmophere. Good thinking FIFA. And here was I thinking that it was the fans who are supposed to be the VIPs at football matches. How naive of me.

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