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Sunday, October 09, 2005

England Vs Austria - The National Nearly Rejoices

England v Austria Result : 1-0 to England.

Due to some mad FIFA inspired qualification craziness, England have qualified for Germany 2006. The nation rejoices....well, not quite.

The match was terrible. England played like a team who didn't really care about winning. They defended far too deep and the pace of the match was slower than two sloths mating. Except without the climax.

Good performances : Despite my questioning his ability at this level, Luke Young (playing instead of the injured Gary Neville) acquited himself well, was solid in defence and did break foward a la Neville. Some nice football.

Joe Cole - was pretty good in the first half, actually keeping the width of the team and delivering some good crosses into the box. Went missing in the second half along with pretty much the rest of the England side though.

Terrible Performances : Well, nobody actually played terribly - it was just all so lacklustre, with the second half being an exercise in running around in ever decreasing circles. No one wanted to take the game by the scruff of the neck and actually win it with style.

The Little and Large Show : Owen and Crouch. Well, it kinda that Crouch headed the ball a lot and Owen ran on to pick up the ball. That was the idea, and yeah, that's what happened.

But in all honesty Peter Crouch isn't really a good enough striker (you know, someone who is supposed to get goals) to play at international level. He was embarassingly wide with the few decent chances that came his way.

Beckham's Red Card : He was done over by a combination of overacting by that Austrian guy and a referee who didn't get a single major decision right all game. Luckily the Poland game is now meaningless and it might given Sven the opportunity to put out a balanced midfield. Nah...that's a hope too far.

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