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Friday, February 24, 2006

Mar 1st Friendlies

Just a quick round up of the pre-World Cup football match being played next week :

Poland vs. USA
Israel vs. Denmark
Russia vs. Brazil
France vs. Slovakia

Croatia vs. Argentina
Portugal vs. S. Arabia
Italy vs. Germany
Holland vs. Ecuador

England vs. Uruguay
Turkey vs. Czech Rep

In terms of indicators as to potential World Cup form, the Italy vs Germany and Croatia v Argentina matches look the most interesting.

If I was a betting man who wanted a good outside bet (and, um, I am) I'd put a few hard earned sheckels on Croatia to beat Argentina. The Croatians are very strong at home and may be able to muscle the Argentinians out of the game. I'd be more sure of this one if Dado Prso was guaranteed to be playing (he was injured in Rangers last Champions League game), but it's definitely a worthwhile bet.

posted by mark_s at 1:41 PM


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