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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Ooh - Aren't They Pretty

A bunch of teams released new away kits yesterday, including England whose new away kit looks just like their 1966 World Cup team shirt - which I guess is the point.

The one I liked best is the Trinidad and Tobago shirt, which was very stylish. I'd wear that if I wasn't for the fact that I'm white, have never been to Trinidad (or Tobago, for that matter) and would struggle to point it out on a map. Oh hang on...that applies to half the players in the T & T squad.

You can buy the new England away kits here, so get clicking.

posted by mark_s at 10:35 AM


Blogger ###Shawn### said...

I agree with that the trinidad whole kit looks better than most thou some of the other adidas kits like germany and japan look really sharp. However that comment about t&t having "half" their playes not from there is WRONG... with the exception of Birchal(Club:port vale) Hislop(Club:West Ham) and Warner(Club: Fulham) The other 22 players are born and raised in T&T. Just went aboard to ply their trade. Tony Warner didn't even make the WC squad.

1:34 AM  

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