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Sunday, January 06, 2008

World Cup Football News For Your Blog or Profile

If you have a MySpace, a Xanga or a Facebook profile or would like to add World Cup news and views to your blog, then our widgets can help you do that.

In fact, whatever social network or personal homepage you use (Bebo, PageFlakes, Orkut, Freewebs...the list goes on), you can get a World Cup widget for your site.

You'll get all the latest World Cup posts right there on your blog. Can't be bad.

For smaller widgets (you can customise colours, sizes and more), go to to get our World Cup widgets.

Opera Users : Opera users can click this link to get an Opera widget.

Got More Space To Spare ? : You can get a larger, fancier looking widget (250x300 pixels minimum) from SpringWidgets.

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