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Sunday, December 09, 2007

The Great England Manager Debacle

OK, so The F.A sacked Steve 'What-Do-I-Do-Now' McClaren for proving he is a true Englishman when he snatched defeat from the jaws of victory against Croatia.

Not a real surprise, to be honest.

And, of course, the usual high profile casualties of the last round of top level sackings are being considered for the job - Capello, Mourinho, Lippi - you know the names.

However, in true English style, it's already being handled very badly.

I particularly enjoyed today's News of the World article that manages the astonishing feat of simultaneously saying that Mourinho wants the England job and categorically denying that he will have anything to do with it.

The essence of the article is that Mourinho was already to say 'yes' to England when some European super club offered him a job starting next season. So he will say 'no' instead.

All this despite quotes like :

"But when the English people say they want me and the players say they want me...well, I can't say no. It would be an honour to be manager of England and I am excited by the responsibilities of this England job."

If the article proves true, there will be more claims that Mourinho was using England to get a top European job.

Um...bull. Mourinho's record over the last 3-4 years is the best in Europe and he doesn't need England to help him get another high profile management role.

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