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Thursday, July 06, 2006

2006 World Cup Final : Italy vs France

Well, the 2006 World Cup Final is on Sunday and then that's it for this blog for another four years. It's been fun though.

Quite how France managed to get to the Final is still a mystery to me - they were terrible in the Group stages, lacklustre against Brazil and have never really looked that great to me. Zidane, however, is playing out of his skin and is dragging the rest of the team kicking and screaming along with him.

Italy, by contrast, have been good to watch (no, honestly, they have, really !) - in particular Gattuso - that little trogladite in midfield who seems to get his head trodden on in every match.

My money's on Italy and I'm hoping for a good match. I suspect it will be defensive and dull, though.

posted by mark_s at 10:02 PM


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