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Thursday, June 15, 2006

Football Cliches Deconstructed: Proving The Critics Wrong

If you are English and listen to football commentary, you'll have heard the phrase "he's proving his critics wrong" - literally - thousands of times.

This happens when a player who has been criticised by the press/fans/commentators actually has a good game. For example, many people think that Peter Crouch isn't a player of international quality. However, he scored 3 against Jamaica. This, apparently, proved his critics wrong., sorry, it doesn't prove anything of the kind. His critics think he doesn't score enough goals (he doesn't - the stats back this up), they think that - in games against quality opposition - he looks lost (he does) and they think that there are better English strikers than him (well Darren Bent got 20+ goals this season - Crouch got, um, a few).

One good game doesn't prove anything at all. It certainly doesn't prove that his critics are know nothing idiots - which is always the implication. So, let's stop with glib inanities like 'he's certainly proved his critics wrong today, Andy'.

posted by mark_s at 3:40 PM


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