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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The World Cup Will Cause World Peace

Sometimes; well, often really, I want to weep. Not, as you might think, because of all the suffering that goes on in the world or because I've stubbed my toe getting out of bed. Not even because I've been listening to Johnny Cash singing 'Hurt' - although that does get me every time.

No, I mainly want to weep when people who should know better make outrageous claims for their products. I'm not taken in by this whole 'brand values' thing generally, but when someone says "next year’s World Cup will unite South Africa to eliminate the remains of apartheid and contribute to world peace", as Danny Jordaan, head of the 2010 FIFA World Cup Organizing Committee, did, really the only logical response is to cry. A lot.

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Blogger BlogJockey said...

The Vuvuzela is an annoying plastic trumpet that is constantly blown at all soccer/football matches in South Africa. It sounds like a deafening mix of angry elephants trumpeting, a swarm of buzzing bees and a fog horn. What can we do? Go to and Vote!!! Tell your friends and family to do so too. It is our intention to submit these votes to the relevant authorities who can do something about it. Together we can make our 2010 World Cup the best experience for all.

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