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Saturday, January 09, 2010

The Angola Shooting Means Nothing For The World Cup

In the aftermath of yesterday's events in Angola, some journalists have, typically, raised question marks over the security surrounding this year's World Cup Final in South Africa.

Let me just say this is the kind of tabloid nonsense that we just don't need at the moment. Angola is not South Africa. Cabinda, where the shootings took place, is disputed territory and, because it is oil rich, there are constant battles between Angolan government forces and rebels who want independence.

There simply no comparison between this and the potential security issues in South Africa. It's like comparing Baghdad with Budapest, which, by no coincidence whatsoever is about the same distance as Cabinda is from Johannesburg.

So less of ill-researched, unnecessarily sensationalist rubbish like this, thanks.

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posted by mark_s at 4:18 PM


Anonymous Neal Collins said...

Cabinda is 1,769 miles from Johannesburg where I am, waiting for the fourth cricket Test between England and South Africa. Moscow is 1,552 miles from London. Cabinda is a disputed oil-rich enclave which has sought independence, violently, since 1963. South Africa gained freedom in 1993. No more armed freedom fighters here. Have a look at

8:05 PM  
Blogger antbrother said...

Got to agree with this succintly put post. I have been more tactful with the same opinion on my blog but I enjoyed reading it in this way, nail right on the head.

1:20 PM  

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