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Wednesday, January 06, 2010

The Power Of Positive Thinking In Ghana

While scouring that new fangled interweb thing for interesting 2010 World Cup news, I came across this piece on

In it, the author suggests that the fact that many of Ghana's key players - Michael Essien and John Mensah among them - are injured for the African Cup Of Nations is, in fact, a very good thing for Ghana.

His argument is that the absence of these players means that scouts from other World Cup nations will not be able to work out Ghana's tactics in advance of the World Cup Finals; and that it is good for Essien, Mensah and all to have a break.

Not withstanding obvious flaws in his argument (like the fact that national teams need to play their strongest line-up in order to gel), I have to say I loved how positive the article was.

I can't imagine an English journalist writing a piece saying: Good News For England: Roooney's injured, Ferdinand's injured, Gerrard's injured, Ashley Cole's injured. But may be they should try it.



posted by mark_s at 1:53 PM


Anonymous 2Nil said...

Amunas, the author of the piece, also makes a good point about fatigue. The injured Ghanaians will enter the tournament in the summer with fresher legs. That could be decisive in the final minutes of the group matches.

3:08 PM  

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