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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Weird People Who Are Backing World Cup Bids

It is, it seems, a competitive business trying to persuade FIFA to bestow their munificence upon a nation and condescend to allow them to host a World Cup.

That, presumably, is why each country rolls out a host of big celebrity names to 'back' their bids. What this means is that the FIFA delegates get to meet the aforementioned celebrities on one of their many all-expenses paid jollies.

But, frankly, I'm frequently left scratching my head at the choice of the celebrities. Who chooses these people and, er, why?

For example, Spike Lee is backing the USA 2018 bid. Spike Lee? Why? Apparently, he is an Arsenal fan and a season ticket holder at Inter Milan, so I guess he's got some interest in the game, but still...

Weirder yet, is legendary diplomat Henry Kissinger, who is also on the board of the USA Bid Committee. Henry Kissinger, I'm sure you'll know, was the man largely responsible for secret bombing of Laos and Cambodia during the Vietnam War. Clearly, then, the ideal man to represent the USA to the world game.

It's not just the Americans that have strange choices of celebrities backing their World Cup bid. England, do, too. For example, Gavin and Stacey actor James Corden is one of the names backing the England bid.

Yeah, James Corden. I knew you'd be impressed. I'm sure that will impress FIFA. Once they've Googled him and found out who he is, of course.

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