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Monday, April 12, 2010

Capello Has A Cunning Plan

Fabio Capello has proved himself to be a great manager whereever he has been - he's won trophies in Spain and Italy and guided England to comfortable World Cup qualification. His credentials are not in doubt.

And part of the reason for his success is not just his ability to mould a squad into winners on the pitch, it's that he takes care of the off the pitch stuff too.

More subtle than, say, Sir Alex Ferguson's rants about referees, Capello is already getting into the heads of FIFA's World Cup refs by suggesting that they should be protecting the world's best players.

It appears that Capello had conversations with FIFA's head of referees Jose Maria Garcia Aranda at a recent conference ahead of the World Cup Finals to suggest that the officials at the 2010 World Cup might like to keep a close eye on "how important it is for the best players to be protected from opposition players who might only be interested in removing them by foul means."

Smart man, Mr Capello. He'll go far!

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