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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

You Only Sing When You're Winning

Despite Fabio Capello banning England from recording an official World Cup song (for which, I for, thank him deeply), the tradition of the World Cup song is alive and well.

Just check out the prosaicly titled World Cup Song website, which has a bunch of unofficial World Cup songs. View at your own risk, though, as some of them, are, well, shall we say, crap!

However, there are some gems - especially Rik Mayall's entry which has to be seen to be believed. For your delectation and delight, I present the truly crazy 'Rik Mayall's Noble England' :

Even better, host nation South Africa haven't gone down the Capello route and have come up with this cracking tune, from K'Naan and David Bisbal, entitled 'Wavin' Flag'.

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posted by mark_s at 12:22 PM


Anonymous michael basson said...

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5:45 PM  

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