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Saturday, August 27, 2005

Play Against Hungary and Croatia or Grimsby - A Tough Decision

Love this article in The Malta Independent about Maltese international Luke Dimech, who also plays - as I'm sure you all knew - for Chester.

Seems that the lad is struggling to decide whether he should be playing international football in World Cup qualifiers against Hungary and Croatia or for his club side against Grimsby and Mansfield.

Um. Well. Let me see. It's a tricky one, I know. Mansfield or Hungary. Grimsby or Croatia. Yeah, I can see that it's a real dilemma. Right up there with Fermat's Last Theorem and whether or not Porn actresses can legitimately call themselves 'stars' when less people see them in action than watch [picking a name completely at random] Chester play football.

I can just see Luke at 70 explaining to his grandkids that he could have played against Hungary in the 2006 World Cup qualifiers but chose instead to play Mansfield in whatever the Fourth Division is called this season.


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