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Friday, August 26, 2005

France World Cup Qualifiers - Bye, Bye, France ?!

France coach Raymond Domenech is seemingly playing mind games with his own players by saying crazy things like this :

"If we lose against the Faeroes, the Ireland match will no longer be decisive. It will just be a friendly," Domenech said. "I'm not saying the Faeroe Islands are Brazil, but you have to beat them to play a worthwhile match in Ireland."

Far be it from me to suggest the the French coach doesn't seem to have much confidence in himself or his players, but the sudden unretirement of Zidane and Makelele combined with some of the comments reported here and here does seem to indicate that Domenech is more than a little worried about France's chances of qualification.

Personally, I'm hoping the Republic of Ireland will give them an old fashioned hammering, finally putting pay to bed the myth of the French as a supreme footballing power.

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