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Monday, September 26, 2005

David James Is Definitely Going to Germany

Yup, David James will definitely be in the England squad for Germany. According to, um, David James that is.

He says this is a
recent interview in that most quality of English newspapers - The People :

"In my view it would be silly to think England would go to a World Cup with goalkeepers who have so little international experience..."

James feels that he [James] is the man with the experience and that this would be invaluable to the England World Cup football squad. Hmm...experience of flapping at crosses, racing off the line when it would be clearly better to stay and fumbling simple shots. Yup, all World Cup teams need that kind of experience to help them through.

The sad fact is that (aside from Spurs' mighty Paul Robinson - almost certain to be England's first choice keeper) James is probably as good as any of the other contenders and barring a miracle, will be in the Germany 2006 squad.

What happened to the days when we had Shilton and Clemence vying for the goalkeeping position ?

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