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Monday, October 03, 2005

Much Adu About Freddy

Apologies for the appallingly tabloid style title to this post but I couldn't resist.

I saw a piece on this American kid Freddy Adu over the weekend and felt I had to mention him. For those that don't know who he is, he's a 16 year old soccer player in the US MLS. But more than that, he's absolutely phenomenal. Just quite brilliant. I'd heard his name before and knew that there was some interest from Manchester United and Chelsea, but had never seen any footage of him playing. I was staggered. And if you still haven't seen him,
here's some video clips.

So when will the rest of the football world get to see this kid in action ? At the World Cup, right ? Um..well, despite the fact he makes Adriano look like Robbie Savage, he's not even in the USA team ? According to manager, Bruce Arena, they're looking after him because he's so young and playing at a World Cup finals might be premature !

Crazy. This kid is brilliant. Pele played in World Cup Finals at about the same age, Michael Owen wasn't much older. It's foolishness of the highest order not to play him now when he's fit and fresh...he could have his career ended by injury at any time in the next four years, so why not give young Adu the chance to shine. Ya never know, it might really kick start an interest in soccer in the USA and then football really would become the world's game.

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