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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Yet More Fun And Games In Africa

I don't know about you but -for me - the most fun in the lead up to the final round of World Cup qualifiers has been in Group 4 where Nigeria are struggling to qualify.

I've posted before about some of the problems,
accusations of bribery and requests to FIFA concerning the final two football matches (Nigeria v Zimbabwe and Angola v Rwanda) .

Now The Nigerian Independent Newspaper is suggesting that
Nigeria might send secret spies to Kigali (where Angola play Rwanda) in order to ensure that the game is fair and honourable; thereby giving Nigeria a fighting chance of qualifying.

The Nigerian sports minister -
Samaila Seidu Sambawa - has denied this, however, saying :

“We would have actually done that but we discovered that it was not necessary since FIFA and CAF have taken special interest in the match...”

He goes onto the say that he fully expects Rwanda to win (they rarely lose at home, apparently) and implies that if there is any other outcome, something dodgy must be going on.

I'm sure you'll agree that this is all great fun and I'd like to start similar conspiracy theories surrounding England's loss to Northern Ireland. If only because it would be more enjoyable than the game itself was.


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