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Sunday, November 13, 2005

World Cup Play Off Results

Switzerland: 2 Turkey: 0
Spain: 5 Slovakia: 1
Uruguay: 1 Australia: 0
Bahrain: 1 Trinidad & Tobago: 1
Norway: 0 Czech Republic: 1

Pretty much as I predicted, with the notable exception of Spain's crushing of a poor Slovakia. I hope you bet on my previous play off predictions as you would have done rather nicely !

Football wise, the most interesting result was in Uruguay, where the home side stuttered past the Australians. Although revitalised goal scorer and former Man Utd clown Diego Forlan was missing, this doesn't bode well for the South American team. For them to win the return leg in Australia, they'd have to play extremely tight, defensive football. Unfortunately, they're South Americans and the South Americans just don't do defensive football. Be good to see the Aussies in Germany 2006, though.

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