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Thursday, March 02, 2006

Wake Me When It's Over

OK, I did watch all of the England v Uruguay match yesterday (which England won 2-1 thanks to goals from Joe Cole and Peter Crouch) but I have successfully managed to avoid seeing or reading any 'expert pundits' opinions on the game. I'm not exactly afraid that such peoples' vast knowledge of football will influence my own humble opinions, but I think it's better if I didn't annoy myself by reading such stuff until I finish this post.

My opinion: England were dull, uninspired, didn't even look like a team, let alone one that could win the 2006 World Cup finals in Germany. Gerrard and Beckham were content to ping long balls 30 or 40 yards in the hope that Darren Bent could run onto them and score. He couldn't.

The bigger name players in the England set up were playing route one football while Joe Cole (who was brilliant) and Michael Carrick (also very good) were trying to build an attack by, gasp, playing the ball to feet. Several times the quick one-touch passing of Cole and Carrick made their more famous colleagues look jaded and out of form and all in all it was a pretty poor performance.

It did improve when King, Jenas and Crouch came on as that meant there were a few more players who wanted to play the ball along the ground and who were alert and interested enough to play football of a high level. Otherwise, it was awful.

2006 World Cup ? Wake me when it's over.

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