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Thursday, March 02, 2006

World Cup Friendlies Round Up

OK, here's a round up of yesterday's soccer friendlies. And, I would just like to point out that my tip suggesting that Croatia would beat Argentina came good. I'm not going to gloat because I'm far too humble to do such a thing, but hooray for me. Good ol' me. I'm wonderful..etc...etc...

England: 2 Uruguay: 1
Croatia: 3 Argentina: 2
Republic of Ireland: 3 Sweden: 0
USA: 1 Poland: 0

Russia: 0 Brazil: 1
France: 1 Slovakia: 2
Denmark: 2 Israel: 0
Spain: 3 Ivory Coast: 2

Italy: 4 Germany: 1
Holland: 1 Ecuador: 0
Scotland: 1 Switzerland: 3

The results of the bigger countries weren't really that impressive and France's result against Slovakia surely shows that they are a waning footballing power. Italy looked impressive though and the odds on them to win this year's World Cup Finals will surely shorten, um, shortly.

posted by mark_s at 8:11 PM


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