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Friday, May 19, 2006

Old Footballers Never Die...They Just Make Mad Predictions

It's always fun to see the greats of yesteryear. Every World Cup they are wheeled out to make their mad, contradictory and often confused predictions. Then they are rounded up, still ranting, and hidden away somewhere where they can do less damage.

So, it is with great pleasure I offer
Pele's latest predictions for the 2006 World Cup.

He says this : "Always in the World Cup, the favorite doesn't succeed." and suggests that this is a reason Brazil might not win the world's biggest soccer tournament.

He goes on to cite the 2002 World Cup Finals saying that the favourites were France, Argentina and Italy - all of whom failed to get out of the group stages. Interesting, as I backed one of the favourites to win the 2002 World Cup - Brazil at, if memory serves, 11/2. Who won it ? Brazil. I don't recall Italy being touted as potential winners of that one at all.

With even more pleasure, however, I offer the wit and wisdom of always modest and joyful former Germany captain Lothar Matthaeus who
says this about his own team's chances :

"Based on my opinion, the German squad have no title chances at all," .

Aw, Lothar, no need to be shy, just tell us what you really think :

"The team will be eliminated in the round of 16 when it has to play against England or Sweden."

I'm getting the impression you
don't rate Germany's chances, then, Mr Matthaeus ? And you think Juergen Klinsmann will quit as coach, yes ? So Germany will need a saviour to put their football back where it belongs, right ?

Any names spring to mind, then, Lothar ?

"(I will only return to Germany) once the decision-makers are convinced that I am the right man with my abilities. If not I will stay abroad," Matthaeus said.

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