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Friday, November 25, 2005

George Best Dies...Eventually

I know this has little to do with World Cup football but the coverage of George Best's death has sickened me. He died - not 'passed over', 'passed away' or 'left us' - DIED today. This has struck me as odd because I've been reading what were, in effect, obituaries of this uniquely talented player all week.

The number of media types who were reporting nothing every day from outside his hospital has made me and - I'm sure- many other people extremely uncomfortable. It may be lazy to draw comparisons with vultures circling a weak and dying animal but in this particular case it's all too accurate.

The media (and that goes for all media - web, TV, print and radio) should have at least given Mr Best some dignity in his last hours, but no - that's too much for them. I'm not one for attacking the media's coverage of football and football personalities as a rule...but this was beyond the pale.

Much kudos goes to Mr Best Senior and the rest of the Best family for showing such dignity. And, of course...George Best, R.I.P.

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