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Friday, November 25, 2005

MSN In We Want Advertisers Money Shocker

Firstly forgive me for the lack of real World Cup football (or soccer if you're from North America) stuff on this blog at the moment. Things will pick up after the draw on December me !

In the meantime, I enjoyed this rare moment of honesty from MSN - as reported in
NetImperative, RevolutionMagazine and others :

"MSN has created a number of football-themed advertising opportunities, letting advertisers link their brand with these players. "

Essentially, there's going to be a whole bunch of unique content related to the 2006 World Cup on various MSN portals from such erudite thinkers as Michael Owen and Edgar Davids. Not to mention that Pulitzer prize winner in waiting Ronaldinho. Eager punters are promised behind the scenes info, insights, diaries and webcasts from what is - not being sarcastic now - a pretty high profile list of names.

It was the transparency of the press release (we're doing this to get some of that old football advertising money) that amused me. More honesty from those who want to cash in on next year's World Cup is definitely needed.

I'd like to see Coca Cola coming out and saying : "Well, as Americans, we don't truly understand soccer at all...but we do know that there's lots of people who do...that's our target market".

I want to see MacDonalds saying "For too long burger vans outside of football stadiums have been stealing potential business from the Global Borg that is MacDonalds...we need to wipe these people from the face of the planet and sell a few more terrible burgers to those lovely soccer...I mean ".

Yup, God bless globalisation !

posted by mark_s at 4:55 PM


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