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Thursday, December 01, 2005

2006 World Cup and the Sad Old Rock Stars's quite simple. The last SuperBowl had Justin Timberlake and Janet Jackson's right breast. Next years' World Cup has, by contrast, Brian Eno and, um, Peter Gabriel. Yup, the guy that left Roxy Music when they started to learn to write songs thirty years ago. And Peter Gabriel who was the guy that sang with Genesis. No, not that guy...the other one. Who ? Exactly.

Neither of these pretentious old saddoes is exactly ideal for writing a World Cup football anthem - they'll probably come up with an analogy between 'The Idiot' (not the Iggy Pop song..the story by Dostoevsky) and Ronaldinho. I'm going to start crying now....feel free to join me.

I love it what you will, but the Americans always outclass us when it comes to putting on a show and it's just embarassing. The 2006 World Cup will be the most televised event ever and we get Brian Eno. Wake me when it's over.

posted by mark_s at 6:21 PM


Blogger weenie said...

Have never been a real fan of either Peter Gabriel or Genesis for that matter. However, I think perhaps Peter's been chosen as music director for WC 2006 because of his involvement in WOMAD (World of Music, Arts and Dance).

Sure, he's an aging rock star but his recent work has also included music scores for Ubisoft's Myst videogames and he's involved in digital download technology, so perhaps he's more savvy with current music trends/tastes than we're led to believe.

Only thing I know about Eno is that he once produced an album for U2?

I disagree that the Americans always outclass everyone when it comes to putting on a show. The 1994 WC was good, but I'd say it was surpassed by the 2002 WC in Korea/Japan.

Am so looking forward to next year - might even travel to Germany to see if I can catch a game.

10:33 AM  

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