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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Germany Will Win 2010 World Cup. Fact!

Totally unbiased and only coincidentally German, a man called Metin Tolan has devised a formula proving that Germany will win the 2010 World Cup Final. The other 31 teams shouldn't even bother to turn up.

Tolan, who is a physics professor so surely should know better, explained his formula thus:

"The last time we won the World Cup was back in 1990 and there have been four tournaments since. The average finishing place of the Germany team is 3.7 and the German team wins the title every fourth or fifth World Cup."

"Nobody can beat us this year and you can already put the champagne on ice."

Words fail me. I pity any student at the University of Dortmund who is taught by Professor Tolan.

I also truly hope that Germany don't win the 2010 World Cup Finals or this post is going to come back to haunt me.

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