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Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Great Vuvuzelas Controversy

Anyone watching the Confederations Cup over the last week or so can't fail to have heard the continuing, defeaning drone coming from hundreds, if not thousands, of plastic horns known as Vuvuzelas.

These are, apparently, extremely popular among South African football fans. However, such is the incessant din produced by this horns, that players (well Xabi Alonso anyway) have complained it knocks their concentration while broadcasters have asked FIFA to ban them.

Right now, Sepp Blatter has refused to countenance such a move and so that's that.

To those people complaining about the noise of the Vuvuzela I say this : Don't worry, regular South African football fans can't afford to attend the 2010 World Cup so it's not going to be a problem.

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Monday, June 15, 2009

Egypt Starting To Look Good

Yeah, I know I should have been working, but I couldn't help but watch the BBC website live coverage of the Confederations Cup match between Brazil and Egypt instead. As well, I mean.

Anyway, it finished 4-3 to Brazil and you can check out the highlights here.

Brazil just edged it, with a last minute Kaka penalty, but the most impressive thing about it was Egypt in the second half. They dominated possession, looked comfortable on the ball and midfielder Mohamed Aboutrika looked every inch the quality player that those in the know keep saying he is.

Egypt were particularly impressive, considering that the names best known to fans of the English Premier League - Mido and Amr Zaki - were both absent. Dortmund striker Mohamed Zidan was an able deputy, though.

Typically with African sides, there is always the potential for chaos just around the corner - egos, politics and personality clashes have long been a feature of Egyptian international football.

But this match showed they can really play and would be a great asset to the 2010 World Cup Finals. They need to get over their poor start to qualifying (a draw and a loss) and play more like they did against Brazil.

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