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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Maradona Not Going To Pompey

No sooner has Sulaiman Al Fahim taken over at Portsmouth, than rumours start linking Argentina legend Diego Maradona with a role at the club.

Al Fahim, you will remember, was the face of the group that took over Manchester City. He was the man that declared City would sign Cristiano Ronaldo for £134m and other similarly ridiculous things. He was soon sidelined by the group behind the Manchester City takeover, ADUG.

So, it's going to come as no surprise that Maradona himself has come out and said it's all nonsense.

To quote the great (and slightly unhinged) man :

"I was watching with my girlfriend and started talking to the TV: "Noooooo, this is not true!" The blood running through my veins is sky blue and white."

"In no way would I abandon ship. I'll say more. I've signed the contract and agreed to coach (the team) at the Copa America in 2011."

Good to see Al Fahim picking up where he left off at City, though. We need more characters in the game and I have a suspicion that Sulaiman Al Fahim is likely to be one of the most colourful.

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