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Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Concerns For Nigeria Ahead Of World Cup 2010

Most pundits, certainly in this country, seem to think that Argentina and Nigeria are the two teams most likely to qualify from Group B . And on the surface, this appears to be a strong possibility. Nigeria have more 'star' names than either Greece or South Korea and have a number of established Premier League players, such as Kanu and Joseph Yobo.

However, Nigeria coach Lars Lagerback (owner of one of the world's finest names) is concerned that his main players are not starting enough matches for their club sides and therefore won't be up to speed at the 2010 World Cup Finals.

Strikers Kanu, Yakubu and Obafemi Martins are not getting regular starts with their clubs, and the problem isn't just limited to their star names.

This concern is compounded by a feeling that, because the Nigeria domestic league isn't producing sufficient talent for the national squad, they will fall foul of Greece - half of whose squad comes from the Greek League. Indeed, six of Greece's squad come from Panathinaikos.

That argument is put far more persuasively than I can right here and if you are a Nigeria fan (or a gambler looking to bet on them to qualify), then I suggest you read it and think again.

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Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Words Fail Me

File this under 'stupid World Cup promotions....part 1,237'. Words simply faily me when I attempt to sum up my feelings on Walkers Crisps 'Flavour Cup' promotion. In fact, because I first read about it in Charlie Brooker's column, I figured it was satire.

But no. It's real. Walkers have released 15 new crisp flavours, tied in with 15 football teams. Some of these teams - not so notably, Scotland and Wales - didn't even qualify for the World Cup Finals.

And some of the choices of flavours : Australian BBQ Kangaroo, anyone? French garlic Baguette. Honestly, someone put these people out of their misery. It's just embarrassing.

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